When you knock on it and no one listens. The other side is crowded, noisy and mistakes don't live there. You think, maybe they don't need someone like me... maybe, I am a mistake. Not good enough to sit with them. Not perfect enough in my own story. 
If I had REAL plans and stuck to them I'd be further along.  I would already be there with them. The successful ones. Not waiting, knocking, hoping to be let in. 
Sometimes you'd think... If I had a story to share right now. A movement or moment captured on a large platform, maybe after having gone viral. A hashtag, a mantra, a brand with a face and presence so big! they would invite me into the conversation. 
But before there was a conversation to be had or a platform to stand on, there was no them. At one time, they too had nothing to talk about that was noteworthy or known.
Only an idea. Pregnant and full with the life force of other ideas. Thoughts and Ideals stacked together on how these ideas would come to be.
Then magically with enough passion and might, pressure and pleasure in what they do. They were birthed into the world as what you now see. Those you've come to follow. These individuals you wait to be like. The successful ones. Be it tech, the arts, sciences, wellness, food, journalism or advocates, and ambassadors on the world's stage. Whatever the industry or trade.
Soon that will be you. And all you must do is give birth to yourself. 
Want to know the fastest route?... I believe anything is possible with enough self-love. 
But there are times when it won't be easy, so find yourself some support. Remember it starts with you.

Jisann RobertsComment