Best Parts


Authors Notes

These words illustrate the other person in their head - swimming with thoughts, perceptions, and desires. Wanting you to see them, know them… deeply.  (sometimes you are the other person).

There are many variations on depth. It may mean taking a walk in spirit or diving deeply within the physical for sexual catharsis. Here depth is sought on both ends.

For some, that intimate language is the true test, for others its words and silence where they find meaning. Neither is wrong, both are subjective. Although, society paints varying pictures of an extreme perspective. 

Personally, I have found depth & company in both. As well as loneliness and confusion.  
You have to know yourself.
I find that the loneliness and confusion comes from taking cues from this world and accepting what we are told to follow. 

You know, the old wives tales, and misguided fuck the world, beliefs that we take in as guidance. Some of which, are from individuals who bumble through life with little consciousness of who they are and the energy they bring into a room. 

I suggest, that you... do you, listen to yourself - connect with spirit. It’ll never steer you wrong.

Be Well,

Jisann RobertsComment