Meditation helps me to remember who I am. It is not something to do and remain as I am.

It pulls me out of the fog, and out of my own way.

It reminds me that I am a monument of light.
A beacon beyond the threshold. 

That I Am a container of love and a conduit for the all.

It reminds me that I am made up of experiences; Kings, Queens, Priestesses, Ether, Earth, and Life. 
Energetic principals that defy time and space. I am reminded that my molecular makeup is infinite.

Meditation lets me know that whatever my troubles, it can be erased by my choosing to do so. 


Be Well,



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Authors Notes

When I wrote this I was feeling inspired by myself and my capacity to connect. My desire to continue to grow and know myself wholeheartedly. To uncover my sadness and find the treasure of strength that was lying in the self. Just waiting for me... of which I found through the pathway of meditation.

Be Well


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