I AM a creator
I create what I believe in.

I create what makes sense to me, 
what rings true to my lifestyle and matches me. 
My inner community and my tribe matches me.

I create from what I have been taught, from what I've come to know, and what I see.

I am careful of what I take in and mindful of what I choose to observe.
Because somewhere inside it could weave itself as a belief in me.

I create what I want. 
If I don't want something or I am unsure about it then it won't come to life. No matter how much I pretend.

Remember there are no restrictions on what you can create. There are no rules, you create as you wish. 

The only restriction is you.

          It may not all manifest in the time frame you want, but it will be made tangible in some cosmic way. 
So do not stop creating because of fear. Whether, its rooted in past disappointment, or a
timeline that you're attached to.

Never mind that and just create.


Be Well,



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I was feeling myself as a creative being when I channeled this. Days prior I was not, I felt incapacitated by my circumstances, of which you know life can conjure up many; A multitude of elements, people, ideas, and synchronistic happenings to lead you, guide you or to serve as a catalyst for change if you let it.

I let it, I let it move me instead of my remaining captive to circumstance, and bolted to my pain. I let it move me to where I was finally able to see myself through the muck and the pain: it happens to us all. I was moved by who I saw and what I saw within myself. The ultimate creator, that divine spark that lives in us all. The more I moved through it, the more I saw myself and recognized the creator in me. It was then I remembered I could create a different experience for me to feel (we sometimes forget our strengths when we're crippled by pain), I didn't have to stay in this. And so I did.


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