Keep Going

What they don't tell you is that there will come a time in your life when you’ll want to give up on being alive. Either because you feel weary, or that it's just too hard. It's okay to feel this way, 
it is more normal than you know. 

You may think that this feeling is just your wanting to give up on this go at life. But in actuality, you’re considering giving up on yourself. Do not give up on yourself.
Instead, give up on the ideals that cause your anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.

Give up on the way you think things should go. Instead, move with God's flow, the flow of life. And choose happiness every time, even if it doesn't pay a lot or appear to pay off.

Your joy will see you through when times get rough.

At times, that is all you’ll have, and often the best thing to keep you going; because I promise you sadness will not.


Be Well,



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Authors Notes

Sometimes life on this planet can become really uncomfortable. Just like that you can find yourself in the thick of it. And it can be SO overwhelming that you just want out. This is my understanding of that feeling through my own personal experience. 

Surrendering and allowing, (after fighting it) gave me the clarity to see what these feelings were really trying to express. I've learned that it's worth it to take ourselves out of the game and the rat race of life, so that we can really begin to mend. No expectations and no demands, just rest. Mental and emotional rest. But, we must first give ourselves the permission to do this. And yes, even with a job and responsibilities it is possible, but we must first get out of our heads and into our bodies. 

I would say it is the equivalent of checking into the hospital when sick. You make the decision to have yourself treated for care; opening yourself up to the nurses, meds and doctors. Yes, life still goes on and you will have responsibilities to tend to. Checking out is not the answer and for some not even an option, however making the time to heal is very much like dragging yourself to the hospital.

So if you're having a hard time seek help, treat yourself to one or a combination of Reiki, Coaching, or Meditation and if you need medication, go and see a doctor. There are many methods to help us step out of the pressure of life and heal the mind, emotions, and spirit.

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