The Open Heart

Use your heart.

Move from your heart and everything will fall into place. That’s the secret.

It is then you will have the courage to speak, the ability and strength to create change, and the confidence to follow through with that change and apply your will.

You will attract all that you need and what is befitting of you when guided by the heart.

You must always move from a place of love when seeking to create change in your world and call in what you desire.

Your heart must open up to do this.

It is where courage is created, will is instilled, and desires are cultivated. Bringing pure life to your intention.

So go forth from this place. 

Love alone will set you free, Love alone will change your world.


Be Well,



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Authors notes

Feeling inspired by connecting to the heart. This is for those that find it hard to move from a place of heart centered awareness. For those that want to take a glimpse into what it can be like, and what is found here. For those that are curious, like I once was. During those times when I went against myself and tried something else. Doing what I was shown vs what I'd truly known. 

For many of us, it is easy to move from the heart with others, but it can be difficult when handling The Self. This is a reminder to also move from the heart when interacting with yourself. You require kindness too, whether you realize it or not.


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