You have to believe in yourself first, and know who you are as a being of light and love.

You must trust and believe in the truth of your light, intimately, to create miracles in your life and in the lives of others.

When you are creating, do not worry about "how?" for it is none of your concern. Instead trust and focus on what is. If you trust God and the radiant light within you, you needn't worry yourself about how things happen or if they will.

Think clearly -

From the moment you put one ounce of blockage or negative thought upon a particular intention, you have limited its potential. With a simplistic thought like, "how?" you’ve stunted its growth before it has even had a chance to bud.

How?, is not your concern. Instead focus on “what is”. When you live in your light you won’t ever have to worry about, how?. Just trust and be.

You may ask yourself:

How can I trust my light so completely that it just... is?

Your inner compass will guide you. But you must first come to know your light, acknowledge its presence, and believe in the truth of its existence within you. It feeds you just as love nourishes you. It will guide you just as love guides you. It will support you just as you are supported by love.


Help me to come to know my light so intimately and so completely that I may trust it to lead and guide me in all ways.


Be Well.



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Authors Notes

I was learning to trust, but I kept asking how? I was learning to create, but I kept asking how? I was learning myself and I kept asking why?

Till a voice came through and said... So that you can stop asking "how?".

I literally laughed out loud! and said... yeah, I can see how and why. lol



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