Life Should be Vivid and Bright. it is Safe to be Bold, Confident, Truthful and Present.


Challenge The Self?

The world is full of distractions and discouragement. There is a vital need for a new way of thinking, a way to combat stress, anxiety, toxic energy, and the difficulties we absorb on a daily basis.

Challenge The Self is designed to give you the opportunity to get clear about who you are and why.  Offering various tools and perspective to help you maneuver through the surprises of life with balance and ease.

The intention behind this work is to serve as a healing guide, so that you approach each day feeling more grounded in your Self and connected to source. 

My hope is for you to become aware of your strengths and nurture yourself - busy schedule and all. 

It's time to get the most out of life.  


"You Gotta Live it To Know it"

It's one of those experiences one needs to live.  With Jisann it is a completely different experience; she supports me in my own process, she doesn't try to control, she creates a safe space for me to find my way to myself; I somehow end up seeing the beauty of the question itself and the answers come naturally. With every encounter, I have more tools to work with, evolve and love. 

The sessions end with a sense of purpose, empowerment, feeling so connected to myself and the world, allowing myself to be whatever I am in every moment without judgment, and gratitude, so much gratitude... and in this journey she is guiding me with such humbleness, tenderness, warmth and gentle love...words still fail me, one needs to experience to know.

- Sara, Tel Aviv

Speaking with you on a spiritual level reminds me of the first bite of a juicy mango. So sweet and endearing.
— Thea, London
Jisann has a way of helping you acknowledge the bare bones truth about yourself, without the judgement.
— Tony, New York City

You gave me comfort as I define the raw pieces of myself. I felt safe to be me.

-Kat, San Fransisco

She is an absolute light in my life! Unique, intelligent, positive, honest, and true.
— Kahlieme, Brooklyn
"Honest & insightful"
Self Healing is a Genuine Process of the Relationship Between the Physical and the Infinite Power of the Soul.
— Yogi Bhajan

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